“big shoes to fill” – Lauren Flynn

Lauren began her music career as a vocalist & writer, quickly picking up rhythm guitar in order to perform solo. She has released 2 solo studio EP’s (‘Bad Decisions in the Daylight’ & self-produced ‘Theory of Mind’), one self produced/engineered EP (‘Outside One Girl’) and two singles including a cover of Talking Heads ‘This Must Be The Place’ with 5-time Grammy winning engineer, Alfonso Rodenas (Los Tigres Del Norte). Her song ‘Beyond This Moon’ was featured in the 2019 web series “Coffee House Chronicles”.

She founded Seattle rock band Buried Blonde in 2020 after teaching herself to record during lockdown, also learning bass and drums. She wrote, arranged & co-produced the debut Buried Blonde ep, ‘What Now’. She credits quitting drinking for the shift to a more aggressive writing style. She embarked on a path of sobriety in 2017, having fallen into substance abuse after losing three homes to natural disasters within 6 years. Lauren is a former professional wrestler and studied stand up comedy in LA under Greg Dean to help build her live performance skills. She currently writes and records experimental music along with writing for Buried Blonde and producing a summer rock series and winter unplugged series on Whidbey Island.

Imagine a song with a mesmerizing, looping background that creates a sense of continuity and hypnotic rhythm. Over this backdrop, you hear the soothing and melodic vocals of Lauren Flynn. Her voice gracefully weaves through the music, adding emotional depth and a captivating melody that lingers in your mind. The combination of the looping instrumentation and the enchanting vocals creates a dreamy and immersive listening experience, making you feel like you’re being carried away on a sonic journey.

The instrumentation in the song pulses with a steady and infectious rhythm. It’s as if a heartbeat is at its core, driving the song forward. The repeating, pulsating elements in the background give the music a sense of urgency and momentum, making it feel alive and dynamic.

Listeners are able to relate to this pulsing feeling because it resonates with the rhythm of life itself. The steady beat mirrors the cadence of their own heart, making it easy to connect with on a visceral level. This rhythm can evoke emotions, feelings of anticipation, and a sense of being in sync with the music, allowing the listeners to immerse themselves fully in the song’s energy and emotions. It’s a musical experience that feels familiar and deeply human.

Dive into the rhythm of life with Lauren Flynn. Uncover the melodies that define our soul and let the music be your guide. Are you ready to groove to a new song?

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