Perfect Machine : Buried Blonde

My dear old friends have came back to Earth with momentum; And from another planet I might add. Buried Blonde is a group with an out of this world sound. What if they are aliens? Seriously, what if? They made it a legitimate question here with their latest release “Perfect Machine”. Check out the latest song now, which is out on all platforms now.

I was in for a ride myself; So buckle up so you don’t get hurt. The initial impact isn’t so bad, it is the spiraling and descending….Allow me to start at the beginning. So proper I know. Head bobbing music caused by an off beat strumming pattern and a high hat lift on the ANDs of the rhythm. (one AND two AND three AND four AND). I hope that makes sense for people who don’t know how to count. LOL. But on the serious side of the review. You hear the characterized classic rock and grunge sounds from Buried Blonde. A lot of true brightness from the guitars although still maintaining an distorted edge to it. The vocals are true to the band. Adding another texture of grit. The combination of it all is really a euphoric thing. And as soon as you are comfortable with it. YOU GET SLAPPED IN THE FACE!

Like a flip of the switch, and off to the races we go. Holy sh*t. The breakdown is like a motherboard that is actively frying. The anxiety caused is a side affect of the abrupt and radical change. The fuzziest and most distorted bass sound in the history of all bass sounds sends a jolt to your eardrums. Leaving disarraying connection in the brain. Comprehension is gone. Yes, the motherboard in my brain had fried. Like chicken or shrimp would be left. Crispy.

Go listen to “Perfect Machine” now!

The MusicManiac Finds Out!

Q : What kind of feedback have you received from this new track?

A : We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response. People really like the groove and the breakdown. We’re always widening the circle of people we send our press kits out to and have received a ton of requests for more music from new contacts, so we’re speeding up our plan of getting back in the studio for our first full length album.

Q : Have you ever performed this song live?

A : We’ve been performing this song live for almost a year. It’s the one song I (Lauren) don’t play guitar on and it’s been a fun journey figuring out what to do with my hands. We have played an acoustic version at our unplugged series and I play djembe.

Q : Was there any notable experience either in studio or while writing this song that is worth sharing?

A : This is the first song we’ve recorded with Aniela, our bass player and the first song we’ve recorded that was written by Nick (lead guitar). It’s also the first song we’ve recorded at Jesse’s (engineer/co-producer) new studio in Lake Steven’s and we had a very fun sleepover and Jesse drove us to breakfast in his sick van.

Q : When is the next show!?

A : We have two shows this month. On the 14th we have the third show in our Whidbey unplugged series and on the 24th, the Central has let us bring our unplugged line up to their stage.

“Heart Of Stone : Smoking Gun” – Album Review

The album as a collective project is one of their best to come out to fans. When I listen I hear so much depth and texture to it all. With a nostalgic sound. I would say this record is going to be a household name. Like everyone has heard of “The Dark Side of the Moon” right? This is our generations Pink Floyd. Okay let me pause that thought here so you don’t think I’m full of sh*t. And just let me explain.

“Heart of Stone : Smoking Gun” has that feel good vintage aroma to it. I mean it figuratively as you can’t smell sounds. But let us say you could smell a sound, it would reek like an antique shop vinyl. I think the duo is from a past lifetime. Or maybe living it over again. The record has 1970s music written all over it. I mean this as the room sound is full, the air molecules are moving around in the room and you hear that; you can hear everything. Speaking to the band members about this I was able to find out more about the making of the album. Dylan was really not too much help about the process as he mentioned he was actively using Cocaine and MDMA during it. What the f*ck….Was my first reaction as well. He mentioned; “We just kept it to the core of the song and ran take after take until it was as perfect as possible. That I remember.”

Now I move over to Joseph who wasn’t impaired throughout the studio sessions. I was able to get him on FaceTime talking about this creation of “Heart Of Stone / Smoking Gun”. I was able to get him to elaborate more on making this record. He said “Recording is always time consuming, I think we put a total of 80 hours of recording and mixing. Along with the numerous takes and being satisfied. It’s mania inducing, but it’s a crazy kind of love. I hope this project inspires other; and I’m excited to share it with the world.” With that said, if you have been following this duo you may have known or remember a falling out. There was a period of years that these two friends parted ways into other projects.

Johnny Hoffman and the Residents had pioneered through the United States back in 2016. After a three week tour from Seattle,Wa to Boston,Ma the two had dismantled. Through major life events and the grace of God the two were meeting their destiny. They were able to get back together after many years. And put out a masterpiece they had left off with. Joseph also expressed to me these words. “It was interesting, coming back after a long time and rekindling friendship. Actually didn’t plan on coming back to it. I think we both kind of needed each other.”

I’m am sure after listening to the record that you were both destined to make music together. Otherwise you just wouldn’t get such great songs out.

I’ll refer to the first song I listened to off their album. The titled song “Scratch”. It is a slow and bluesy one. Allowing a spacing out grove to dance along and move to. Now they are a two member band so the two work smart with adding in smooth dynamics. JHOFF give off a slight vibe of another local Seattle group. You actually better know of them. The Presidents of the United States of America. Yeah and those guys rock. This song has an alternate beat of clicking and clacking that totally leaves your jaw dropped. It reminded me of The Presidents for sure. Anyways, shortly after the foundation is in place the lyrics flow. The vocals are soft and intimate. Joseph works his words together eloquently. Brittleness of the lyrics are heard throughout the track. Almost as if he was reminiscing a place he was in to inspire the words in the first place. But on the flip side of the coin you find the heaviest noise. The instrumental breakdown is roaring and metal sounding as F*CK! You can also hear the drumsticks cutting the air as it slaps on the Tom-toms. Which is always a huge win. This song itself touches levels of classic metal with a stapled grunge flavor.

Lastly a song so worthy it’s in their record name, “Smoking Gun”. Which is pretty much two songs within itself. The first hearty chunk of it is all instrumental. The bluesy riff is like a dance between the guitar and drums. It is led by a sliding note on the guitar. The beat is alternated from the high-hat to the ride swiftly and then back to its original form. Afterwards you get this kind of “chorus” thing? I mean there are no lyrics but I guess it’s something different than what was going on previously so i think that counts. You become slowly engulfed into a crashing cymbals and Wahhhhh pedal battle. It’s a strict on the beat hit that the duo lash out on and build. Dynamically it gets in your face and will wash out into the “verse”. The first part of the song. And this whole process becomes all too well-known. Drastically you are side swiped by a crescendo. Like an eruption going off inside ( just say your favorite venue inside your head ). But as the ashes settle from this you are left listening to a post apocalyptic sounding jazz outro. Big waves in the natural tones of the guitar. Really full and deep Tom hits. The last portion of the track put me as a listener on my toes. I was so thrown off I am pretty sure I even proclaimed the Lords name in vein.

Congratulations, I’m Angry

Zari Alexandria is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter based in the Seattle-Tacoma area in Washington State. After participating in her first performance at nine years old, Zari knew she wanted to pursue performing for the rest of her life. In middle school, Zari joined the choir and became more comfortable singing in front of other people. In high school, she joined musical theater and the chamber choir to develop her voice and performance skills. She started songwriting at fourteen, which further challenged her artistic abilities.

Zari considers herself a “pop” artist who isn’t afraid to engulf herself in other genres. She strives to expand her creativity and showcase versatility in her music. Her 2021 project, The Songbook Opens, demonstrates her goal by including music genres such as pop-rock, singer-songwriter, and alternative in the mix. The stand-alone single “Take Me Back to Seventeen” was her first jump into a dance-pop sound while including her storytelling roots.

And her newest release, Congratulations, I’m Angry, dives head-first into various sonics (dance, R&B, indie, etc.) and storytelling methods while showcasing growth and maturity in production, vocals, and lyrics.

Is or isn’t it” is my personal favorite off of this project as it brings me a glimpse of the 1990s. Taking me back to listening in to music on the old car radio. Wow before iPods…Sh*t. Do you remember the era before iPods?

Zari has melted genres together to make some wholesome music. You may think wholesomeness as suggesting good wellbeing. But lyrically the song is contemplating love. And how to prevent the worst that love can offer. I’m a huge sucker for heartbreak music so Zari you got me with this song. It’s saved in my Apple Music library and will be played often.

I believe there will be a beyond bright future ahead for Zari Alexandria. I’m certain her talent of songwriting will be taking her music career to great heights. Her voice will draw in new listeners; and catching attention of anyone with a pulse. I can even see other artists needing Zari to help with writing a song or my hopes is that she also has partnership in collaboration. I can see her music being sampled into other artists tracks. Although it is more familiar to modern Hip-Hop and Rap music I can see an abundance of opportunities for her music in this space as well.

It’s incredible to hear the variety in which Zari Alexandria is able to deliver her music. “[Gotta Get] Over You” you will obviously hear its homegrown Dance-Pop influences; with an underlying emotional aftertaste. The combination of this kick and snare beat screams out pop-punk. Definitely a song you can turn up to. The power of music is one I still can’t fathom. How Zari is able to just connect these little bits of different genres into one prized piece of art? This artwork we get to share with her. Tied tightly in a ribbon, perfectly wrapped. Thank you, this is a glorious gift.

Just wow, Congratulations, I’m Angry” is a smash. 20 minutes of journeying through 6 tracks; and all of this released on the November 4th. As I listen in a am reminiscing the last decade of music in the area. And the bands here can look at her work here as something to strive towards. A project that offers more than a genre. It is almost a collection or collage of sounds.

The MusicManiac Finds Out

  • Q: Describe your creative process when you write a new song?
  • A: My creative process always changes. Sometimes, I start with the melody. That could be on my ukulele, or me randomly producing an instrumental on my DAW. Other times, I have lyric ideas, and I think of a tune as I am writing the lyrics down. On rare occasions, I write all the lyrics without a melody in mind. Then i make the melody later while making adjustments to what I write for timing purposes.
  • Q:What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?
  • A: The storytelling aspect makes me feel the most passionate. It’s how I best express myself and my feelings. Using songwriting as an outlet is super helpful. It keeps me going. I also love connecting with other people through my music, especially in a relatability sense. I love hearing different interpretations people have with my lyrics, along with the emotions they feel, which makes me want to write more
  • Q: What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to ten years?
  • A: Accomplishments: More releases, more shows, and more listeners! More specific goals: I want to record music outside of my bedroom, in a real studio. I also want to work with more musicians- other songwriters, producers, etc. in person instead of doing almost everything by myself or virtually. I hope those happen in the next few years.
  • Q: What are your hobbies and interests outside of music?
  • A: I don’t have many hobbies/interests outside of music. I do love watching YouTube and hanging out with my friends. Everything else is related to music (going to concerts, performing in an a cappella group, etc.). I wanna try acting, and cook more when I have the time to do so. Y’all can hold me accountable for that!

“Growing Up” : Up in the Attic

You’re always going to be most welcome into this attic. They blew the dust off the old boxes, knocked off the cobwebs from the spiders, and swept up nicely for your arrival. It has never been so nice listening up here as we bring back the three piece group to the blog. Up in the Attic is back with another swift hit.

It is so refreshing to get another dose of Up in the Attic. This new single they have is full of brightness. The recording of “Growing Up” is produced very well. With a great balance of sounds, from the upfront ukulele and vocals to the underlying synth and backing vocals. I enjoy having to dial my ears in to point out the instruments. And I find ironically enough that as soon as you catch yourself tapping and singing along the song takes a wild twist. The brightness is engulfed with depressed chords and it feels as if storm clouds came in unannounced to stop the sun.

“Growing Up” had me reminiscing all my 30 years of life. I am smoking weed out of my bong and writing a new single review for this kick a$$ Tacoma band. My parents are probably rolling over in their graves but I guess this is growing up.

The lyrics are so descriptive and almost guiding. Speaking on what someone may have expected or hoped for out of life. And yet all of this wondering has us left us feeling stagnant. Maybe I am speaking on behalf of everyone when I should not. Nonetheless the storytelling lyrics paint a picture of what it may feel like. I hope you find this song as comforting as I have.

The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: Did you write this song in the attic? If not, where?

A: I actually wrote “Growing Up” back at home in California on my bed in my senior year of high school. It was about the time in senior year where the year was coming to a close and I was feeling like the future was about to smack me in the face. And that suddenly I would be packing boxes of all my stuff.

Q: What was the writing process like with this new song “Growing Up”?

A: The process was really fun. I had never produced anything or used a DAW before. It was the first time I had written and recorded anything without any help. The song got put together in garage band of all places. But it was cool to add in the piano and bass line all by myself in my closet. Yes I put the whole thing together inside my closet with a blanket over the door. It was my makeshift recording studio.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received from this new track?

A: The feedback we’ve been getting is nothing I ever expected. People are coming up to me and saying how much they like specific parts of the song or the whole thing. It’s been really exciting.

Q: Have you ever performed this song live?

A: I have performed it live! We haven’t played it like full band yet but I’ve played it at a kombucha shop acoustically.

Q: Was there any notable experience either in studio or while writing that is worth sharing?

A: I think the only notable experience was just really feeling the feelings as I was writing the song.

Q: When is the next show!?

A: We’ve been kind of on a hiatus but are currently working up to a really big show for us that our school’s radio station puts on called KUPS Fest in December.

Beatrix Sky Music

Misery does in fact love company, and this electronic pop trio has a crowd. Throughout the last eight years Beatrix Sky has been on well heeled show bills and additionally has released well over four full-length projects. On September 23 this year the curve ball was thrown at us and we received a two single drop. I have been pretty hooked into these two new tracks. They are an instant add to my Spotify playlist and were on repeat for a day or so when I had discovered them.

The Pacific Northwest music scene is home to this electronic pop group. And we are left asking ourselves; “Are they a dream or a nightmare pop band?” Beatrix Sky may be the one to to pull the trigger and get your heart to stop. Next track, they may be the one to stop the bullet. The confrontation must be made to find out.

“Misery Loves Company” is a eerie and cold song. It brings on a vintage sound caused by its retro synth keys and the accompanying of a fanfare chorus. Vocally this song is an ear worm. The lyrics are relatable and easy to consume. It’s somber which I can appreciate. “Misery Loves Company” should be in a movie. Like imagine this, Main Character 1 and Main Character 2 are getting into a NYC taxi cab on a late Thursday night out, and it’s raining heavily in Manhattan that night. The clock strikes 12:39am. This song should be in that scene.

Another release of the same project is a song titled “Chemical Imbalance “. I find this amusing because I just remembered I have not taken my bipolar medicine for my chemical imbalances in my mind. Beatrix Sky is another artist I appreciate because in her vocals she has strong control over her dynamics. Soft and emotionally sang throughout the first portion of the song. And with a swift hit, the full band is boiling. All instrumentations hit forte and a guitar solo enters and exits. Allowing the transfer back to the songs original softened form.

I can see how their music is drawing out so many people to their shows. They have music that is absorbing. Click in and see and hear it for yourselves with the “American Spirit” music video..

“I’ll remember you, if you remember me.”

– Beatrix Sky

The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: What inspired you to start playing and making music?

A: Well I started playing piano at a young age. I took years of private piano lessons which eventually gave me the skills to start writing my own music. I didn’t really have a good grasp on song writing until I was in my twenties. Some personal experiences triggered me to start writing my own songs and after that point, I was hooked!

Q: What do you like most about playing music?

A: For me I think it’s the escape. It puts me in a different state of mind. Whether it’s being on stage or at home messing around on my keyboard, it always takes me to a better place. I just feel more at peace when I’m playing music.

Q: Are there any artists who inspire you? And what qualities do you admire about them?

A: There are SO many artists I’ve drawn inspiration from throughout the years. But if I really had to narrow it down, I think Lana del Rey, Beach House, and Grimes are my main inspirations. When I heard LDR’S “Video Games” for the first time, I thought it was one of the most beautiful songs I’d ever heard. Her voice is so angelic. She really made me want to hone in on my craft. I felt similarly when I heard Grimes for the first time. I love her heavy use of synths, electronic beats and the fact that she produces her own music. That’s another goal I’d like to achieve someday. I also just love her sense of style! She’s funky.

Q: If you ordered food at a band practice, what do you all decide?

A: I honestly can’t say I’ve ever done that before. My bandmates and I usually just drink beer at practice. However, my former drummer’s roommate accidentally ordered an extra pizza one time and we were down to help him out with that 🙂

Q: What is the best advice you had received?

A: “Don’t tell anyone you’re making plans” That still hits.

Lastly I will mention they are performing live in Seattle, Wa on November 13th. The Central Saloon will be hosting the show. Beatrix Sky will be set to perform with bands Elska and NV Electronica.

Gaby Despain

Gaby is an American-Icelandic singer/songwriter. She riddles modern pop with dreamy electric blues. Raised in
India and Turkey and she now calls Seattle home. DeSpain spent her previous years traveling Europe and Asia. This shaped her love of pop, music for the masses, a genre most likely to connect with others regardless of language or cultural barriers. While keeping an edgy and electric pop structure, DeSpain dives deep into her collection of haunting memories and wild experiences with introspective lyrics. A world weary poet, she takes difficult topics while dodging a lagging and dreary atmosphere. Lush, fluid, tongue-in-cheek, sensual, and nostalgic, Gaby aims to comfort and commiserate.

Gaby DeSpain yet again continues to shock the Seattle music scene with another hit single titled “I’m in love with my daydreams”. This composition has a taunting instrumental track as its backbone. Feeling the synthetic chords strum and a brash reverberation of sounds escaping the speakers. It all creeps and crawls to your body. The brightness of sound coming from the guitar and piano bring out a whole texture to the music. As Gaby sings into the masses.

You hear an extensive amount of melancholy. The soul from Gaby DeSpain is beyond her. It almost sounds as if she has had multiple times on this earth. She so clearly understands pain, grief, and sorrow. She parades it in her music, in her lyrics, and you can even hear it in her breath. The idea of optimism isn’t out of question with DeSpain either. Some heart felt lyrics mention running fingers over scars. And even with being molded is still able to be in love with her daydreams. Her message is resiliency and strength. I hear the discomfort and do no know her causes of it. But I also hear the self love. I hear an example of moving forward and healing. With music like hers, it will be understood by anyone and everyone. All walks of life will be able to connect to that one feeling. Whichever it may be. The heartache. Or the betrayal. The joy or the contentment. It just might be a simple want of something more. As a listener I am drawn into the bigger picture. Listen and see what’s inside the frame.

If you are into ambient pop music click into the video above. “Flash Flood” is a combination of both mentioned genres. Gaby is a connoisseur of her craft. The waves she has produced with this single alone is considered tidal. On October 28th of 2021 this song was released to the fans of DeSpain. She has gained well over 11,000 views from the world within the first year. She has a charisma about how she portrayed her song. Showcasing the out of this world scenery is part of the artistic frame.

Questions and Answers With Gaby DeSpain

  • If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
  • Kimbra. She’s so talented and inventive.
  • What is one message you would give to your fans?
  • I can’t believe you exist!
  • What is the most useless talent you have?
  • Twisting my hand around 360 degrees and contracting Covid. Not sure which one is more useless.
  • What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?
  • I’d still be in the arts/entertainment industry. Fashion or film
  • What’s next for you? Personally or professionally?
  • In October I’m releasing another song and apartment hunting in LA!


Wildcat Click

Jbswoopa & Goose. Friends since elementary school in Lake Stevens. Their 5th studio record was created in Lake Stevens, Wa. On August 26th of 2022 Wildcat Click released their highly anticipated project. “Get Apps” is a six track project that slaps the sub out of the subwoofer. Wildcat Click is a hip-hop / rap group that has performed The Fisherman’s Village Music Festival in Everett,Wa a couple times and have drawn in new listeners and fans ever since.

“Off-Key” is a perfect song. It’s kind of an Alternative / Hip-Hop song that puts out a West Coast beat and vibe. The intention of “Wildcat Click” comes from their inspiration of the bay area and funk music put out through their music scene. Hearing sounds like the artists Rappin 4 tay and RBL posse.

“Monopoly Money” flexes their egos. Money counting, graphic tees, adidas, and a winning mentality. I mean, the beat on it is balanced. The low end on it quakes. The rumbling bass in the car pushed through my chest. The high end…Well I was high as hell the first time listening to it so it was a good experience. Try it.

You’ve probably heard other rappers say that they started from the bottom. Wildcat started at the top, and it’s all down hill from here.

Wildcat Click

They are found all over the internet. All platforms. Look them up and listen. You hear a bunch of great lines and phrases. Very funky and eclectic dudes putting out music since 2018. There will be a copious amounts or nut busts and sexual references, but hey it’s all included with the use of drugs. I condone it 100%. It’s a lifestyle.

“Time Well Wasted” is a self titled track off their 2018 record and it includes all of the above mentioned topics. The skill sets from them in their earlier stages of song writing is superb. The beat owns a popular upbeat flow, and Goose comes off the rip with confidence and long phrases. Jbswoopa can compliment from the opposition. He flows choppy and melodically. The duo tears apart from the modern fad on emotional hip hop music.

Continue reading “Wildcat Click”

Pure Halcyon “Short Story Long”

The summer just got so much hotter with Pure Halcyon in my life. Their EP “Short Story Long” is a 5 track banger. The group has a sound that is alternative rock music mixed with a metal influence. Pure Halcyon is based out of a beautiful college town, Bellingham,Wa. The five member group has been bringing heat for the past year now. With a fierce EP, always playing out live, and best yet; their audience continues to grow exponentially.

“Our music is here for anyone. If you just wanna rock out or get in your feels; we’ve got you covered.”

Pure Halcyon

I’ll start off with saying this is my favorite tune off their 2021 EP. “Lie to Me” is a mesh of an alternative Pop-Punk & Metal genres. The vocals carry on as if it was a modern fanfare of our times. The song starts with a rumbling bass which is always a good sign.

The crunching sounding guitar sits in the background and pricks like needles in your cranium. The sharpness of it is surgically placed after a fermata. The energy from this song from the recording can easily transfer to their live sets. Their music is magnetic. You are going to be drawn in.

Excuse me. I just finished up a crazy 24 hour bender. It wasn’t drugs or a booze bender. Don’t you even dare think that. I’m talking about “Don’t You Dare”. Pure Halcyon put together a euphoric song and literally shared it with the whole entire world. “Don’t You Dare” showcases every instrument with a solo. It is always super cool as a listener to be able to hear so much influence; This is a local band in the Seattle music scene that has sounds similar to artist known and revered all over the world. The bass solos sounded like Les Claypool of Primus was all over the track, but nope that’s Pure Halcyon. The soloing guitar is Slash sounding. Which I hadn’t heard in a while. And don’t forget that drummer in the back, he is also slapping the drums as Ginger Baker would from Cream; but it wasn’t. It was all Pure Halcyon. The talent here in the band is very overwhelming and will consume the entire music scene one show and one listener at a time.

Do not miss out on their upcoming shows!

  • 8/27 The Shakedown
  • 9/17 Makeshift
  • 10/21 The Blueroom

King Flyz – For the Passion

King Flyz” is from Seattle Washington. He puts all of his passion into the work and music he makes. You find reflection and his experiences placed perfectly into his lyrics. There has a bunch of sounds and influences in the music. But what I like most about the sound is that it resembles sounds from breaking out artist “TOB Duke”.

During the pandemic he had time to just sit back and focus on creating music, and learning new things. That’s been benefiting him during his music journey.

“Rolling Stoned” is an awesome song to vibe too. Check out the music video on YouTube now! You will also find his newest release on all streaming platforms.

“Don’t let anyone discourage you from your dreams , follow your heart.”

King Flyx

Day N Night” is a track that showcases true modernization of hip hop music. King Flyz talks about going through life and how he puts his best foot forward. Notable mention to the featured artist on the track named “Young Casper” for adding a very melodic style to his added verse. The song has a sadness to the backing track with the electric blues guitar. The tone and emotion to the lyrics and writing is great. Still has enough of flexing to it though. Talking about money and lifestyle. Check out “Day N Night

Kibbonafide – A dual threat –

Kibbonafide has got to be one of the most interesting artists to come through my submissions so far. He is a multi threat performer and actor. Currently based out of Burien, Wa and has been well traveled; and through many projects has found himself sturdy roots here in the Pacific North West.

Being in the scene of the Seattle area since 2006, He has been deep in music and writing for over two decades. Joshua aka Kibbonafide is very strategic and moves with intent through his releases and projects. Never in a rush and always well thought out.

In a track titled “It Don’t Change”, you hear the word play and stanza phrasing like in early Eminem albums. Truly effective in the way he is painting a picture with his words to tell a story. A story of how a society we live in may never change. Love the lyrics said here in the song; “I think it’s important to to say , there’s no shame in suffering invisible pain”. Kibbonafide really touches on some deep subjects; there really is no better way to express one’s self other through art.

There is also a lot of talk of racial injustice within America and has punk like ideas of wronged government in this artists’ lyrics. The message is clear for what he stands for. The power to equality and all people. He brings up points and topics of awareness of issues within society. Very cool to see him represent.

His writing style comes off as west coast hip hop. It could be a combination of his beats used behind his words. The bright sounds of piano loop behind Kibbonafides’ erratic word flow is some hype music for sure. His music should be played with window down while cruising Interstate 5. In his set you will see hands up swaying left to right like a metronome.

There are a various rhythms and tones he uses throughout all his music. Not one track sounds alike which is something I can really appreciate. Kibbonafide is great at adding his touch to the track but it’s impressive to hear the variety. Some phrases in verses have an almost theatrical influence which makes a bunch of sense because our fellow local here is a dual threat.

He has also been a stage actor since he was a child and continues to do that regularly. A regular member of comedy troupe Midnight Mystery Players and has two films in post-production as a screen actor. Joshua is represented for film, television and print by ZT Talent in Seattle, WA. And this dude is the emcee for the Evergreen State Fair in Snohomish County.

“I just want to make sure everyone knows that there’s more than one way to lean a successful and fulfilling life. If you’re good with your way, then great but if none of the examples in front of you seem like a workable template then keep looking or it means you need to branch out and create it yourself. Also, you’re not alone.”

Joshua Kibbey A.k.a Kibbonafide