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Hey all you MusicManiacs! Here is a space to get all of the latest out of the music scene in the great Pacific Northwest.

I am Michael Stage. Freelance writer since 2010, covering mostly garage rock bands. However, let me know which shows to go and see; or bands music releases that I can review. I’m always finding new music to enjoy.

The bands locally in your city ARE THE MUSIC SCENE! I am dedicated to showcasing local talent and friends. Continue to support your local music and art.

theMusicManiac is bringing you the inside stories and testimonials of local artists. Sharing experiences from their music career and journey. Yes, we will probably read references to sex, drugs, and the obvious Rock n Roll. Yes, you will read and get to know artist and musicians on a more personal level.

Share your favorite local band or artist for theMusicManiac to spotlight!

Music submission is best if mailed to my PO Box. Emails will be responded to in first come first serve. Mailing in press kits gets you brownie points.

I literally do this out of my love for music and aspirations of artists. If you would like to reciprocate the love please tip via Venmo ( see below )

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