Waves Crashing – “Ancora”

Hailing from the raw, unapologetic soul of Olympia, Waves Crashing is a sonic rebellion incarnate. This band thrashes through the sonic boundaries of time, resurrecting the gritty, electrifying pulse of the 80s and 90s with a ferocious edge that’ll leave your ears ringing and your heart pounding.

In the darkest corners of the Emerald City, they concoct lush, otherworldly soundscapes that transport you to a neon-lit, dystopian dreamscape. Their melodies are hooks that sink into your very essence, a relentless grip that won’t let go.

Imagine a relentless storm of synthesizers, a rhythm section that’s a seismic force of nature, and lyrics that cut through the mundane like a razor through flesh. Waves Crashing isn’t just a band; they’re a maelstrom of sonic anarchy, a furious fusion of nostalgia and innovation, demanding your surrender to their edgy, unapologetic sound.

In a world overrun by mediocrity, Waves Crashing stands defiant, a beacon of sonic chaos and creative insurgency. Buckle up and brace yourself for a wild ride through the electric wasteland of their music; it’s a journey you won’t soon forget.

“Rose Hue” by Waves Crashing envelops listeners in a transcendent, dreamlike tapestry, weaving together ethereal guitars and hazy, layered vocals, hallmarks of the shoegaze genre. Within this sonic daydream, the music conjures a sensation equal to the sun’s gentle, almost languorous caress as it bathes the Earth in a radiant, golden glow, casting its spell over your senses with each intricate note and immersive wave of sound.

The EP titled “Ancora” by Waves Crashing may seem paradoxical at first glance, as the Italian word “Ancora” translates to “still” in English. However, this musical project defies its name, offering a collection of songs that are the antithesis of tranquility. Instead of invoking a sense of calmness, the EP “Ancora” unleashes a tumultuous storm of sound, creating a sonic earthquake that reverberates through the Pacific Northwest.

Waves Crashing, the creative force behind this EP, has crafted a musical experience that is anything but serene. Each track on “Ancora” serves as a sonic tempest, with a cacophony of instruments and vocals colliding in a whirlwind of sound. The listener is immediately thrust into a world of chaos and intensity, where the musical waves crash with unrelenting force.

From the moment the first note strikes, “Ancora” unleashes a rapid quake of energy that surges through the listener’s senses. The EP’s explosive dynamics and relentless rhythm create a sense of urgency, mirroring the power of a seismic event. It’s as if the very ground beneath your feet is trembling with each beat, and the musical tremors are impossible to ignore.

Waves Crashing has harnessed the essence of turmoil and channeled it into each track of “Ancora.” This EP is a sonic adventure that takes the listener on a journey through the tumultuous terrain of musical expression. It challenges conventional notions of tranquility associated with the word “Ancora” and invites the audience to embrace the exhilarating chaos that defines this musical masterpiece. In essence, “Ancora” by Waves Crashing is a captivating eruption of sound that shakes the very foundations of musical expectation in the Pacific Northwest.

“Against the grain, not with the flow
They build you up to let you go

Lyrics from “Wish” by Waves Crashing

I had the privilege of sitting down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Josh Calisti, the talented musician behind Waves Crashing. During our conversation, he graciously shared fascinating behind-the-scenes details and insider insights into the inner workings of his band.

Get ready for the release of Rose Hue’s single and video this upcoming Friday, 10/6. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to secure the EP on limited CD through Shore Dive Records starting from 12/1. You will find all their music at their Bandcamp site.

The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: What was the inspiration behind the project, and how did you come up with the name Ancora?

A: The lyrics derive from a lot of feelings of not living in the moment, nostalgia and just the general heavy weight of life at times. So, the word “still” kept coming to mind as I used it in a couple songs. I thought, why not take a page from my heritage and use the word in Italian (“Ancora”). Although the music is anything but still. Emotions and phases of life can sometimes feel that way. I also like that it’s sort of ironic with the cover art. Which was taken by Shino Yanagawa. I absolutely feel in love with the photo and thought it was a perfect for this.

Q: Can you tell us about the creative process behind it?

A: This is our 4th EP and it’s a collection of songs we recorded over the summer in our bassist’s studio (Josh Charette) In Elma, WA. Generally, I (Josh Calisti) come to the table with a raw song idea. A verse/chorus with some lyrics and a melody. I’ll present it to Bryce Albright and Josh either at practice or on a voice memo. If the fellas take a liking to it, then we’ll proceed to work on it and craft it into a more structured song with everyone adding their own parts.

Q: How do you believe your musical style or sound has evolved since the beginning of your career, and what prompted these changes?

A: I can hear the maturity in the music. I think it’s easy to see the contrast between now and the beginning of Waves Crashing back in 2019. Personally, going back much further I sometimes ask myself what the hell was I doing in other bands /projects? I believe in many ways I was holding myself back, musically. Waves Crashing is the first band that truly fits the vision I was always after and I am pretty proud of the result. It just took a while to get there. Knowing what I wanted to do and how to do it.

Q: Could you share a memorable or transformative moment from your live performances that had a significant impact on you as an artist?

A: I think anytime during a set you glance around and see someone genuinely just letting themselves go and enjoying your music is always a special moment.

Q: What message or emotions do you aim to convey through your music, and how do you hope your audience connects with your songs?

A: I hope that people connect to the songs however they’d like. Leave your troubles at the door and just get lost in them. However, I write these songs for me. It’s therapeutic, right? I really don’t bother with how they will be perceived message wise. They are personal yet indirect, so I’d be shocked if anyone knew what they were about anyways haha.

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