Dead Energy – “Headcase”

Dead Energy: Hailing straight from the gritty heart of Seattle, these cats ain’t your run-of-the-mill band, man. Picture this: Psychedelic Garage wizards, bridging the chasm between punk’s rebellious spirit, the molten fury of heavy metal, and the cutting-edge psychedelic vibes of tomorrow.

Now, let me take you back to the chaos of September ’22. Dead Energy dropped not one, but two bombs on the scene, “Sunday” and “Don’t Wanna Be,” straight outta the secret chambers of Mysterious Red X Studios. It’s like they were cooking up a recipe for musical anarchy, baby.

But here’s the kicker, the big one, 2023. That’s when these renegades are set to unleash their full-length riot. Get ready to have your eardrums blown, your minds expanded, and your souls rocked like never before. Dead Energy’s the name, and they’re here to redefine your musical universe, the MusicManiac style.

Well, you see, when we talk about Dead Energy’s music, we’re diving headfirst into a maelstrom of pure, unadulterated energy. Those distorted guitars, my friends, they’re like a wild beast unleashed, sharp and ferocious, dripping with rebellion and attitude. They’re not just playing chords; they’re wielding sonic weapons, slashing through the air with an intensity that’ll knock you off your feet. And that distortion? It’s the chaos in the storm, the sound of a sonic rebellion in progress.

Now, when it comes to those drums in Dead Energy’s arsenal, they’re not playing around either. It’s a thunderous barrage of beats, a snare drum that cracks like a whip, and cymbals crashing like a full-on uprising. The drumming, well, that’s the heartbeat of defiance right there, propelling their music forward and daring you to resist the intensity.

So, folks, when you strap in for a Dead Energy song, be ready for an experience that’s as edgy as it gets. Their lyrics? They’re a manifesto of discontent, painted with strokes of rebellion and non-conformity. Listening to Dead Energy is like being thrown into the heart of a protest, an electrifying journey that challenges norms and sparks that defiant spirit within. Bottom line, Dead Energy’s music is a visceral, no-holds-barred journey that’ll leave its mark on your soul.

The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: What initially sparked your interest in music, and how did you decide to pursue it as a career?

A: It’s different for all of us, but generally we’ve all enjoyed playing music and being in bands growing up, and it’s just been a fun thing for us to keep at.

Q: Can you describe your musical style and the genre(s) you feel most connected to?

A: We don’t take it too seriously and it’s pretty natural but it’s kinda like loose garage psych I guess?

Q: What is your songwriting process like? Where do you draw inspiration for your music and lyrics?

A: We have riffs and then jam em, figure out lyrics eventually, and just keep jamming. As far as inspiration, obviously artists we love like Thee Oh Sees, Acid Dad, Meatbodies, but lyrics are kinda whatever between our real thoughts and just what sounds neat.

Q: Many musicians have unique rituals or routines before performing. Do you have any pre-show rituals that help you get into the right mindset?

A: Nothing official, probably just grabbing some food and a beer after load in.

Q: Collaboration often plays a significant role in music. Can you share a memorable experience working with other musicians or producers and how it influenced your music?

A: We’ve been lucky to work with two producers who we’re familiar with as friends, Sam Wesner on our first singles and Max Stephens on Headcase, so we had a lot of fun both sessions.

Q: How has your music evolved over the years, and what can fans expect from your upcoming projects or releases?

A: We’ve only been a band for a year, we’re still finding it, but we definitely love what we’re currently doing and just plan to build on that.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are just starting their musical journey? These questions can help you delve into a musician’s background, creative process, and experiences in the music industry.

A: Go to shows, hangout with musicians, make friends not enemies, be nice, be open minded, practice.

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