English Budgies

Hatched from the creative minds of multi-instrumentalists Jen and Joe Vickrey back in 2019, English Budgies took flight as Utah’s indie-alt rebels. Their musical prowess, impeccable studio wizardry, and electrifying stage presence have catapulted them into the limelight.

In 2022, the band welcomed the percussive force of nature, Sam Tucker, and the six-string sorcerer, Matthew Minich, into their ranks. With this formidable quartet, they embarked on a rampage through the untamed landscapes of the West leaving audiences awestruck in their wake.

As if that wasn’t enough, this year, English Budgies have unleashed a sonic onslaught, dropping two singles that are nothing short of anthems for the disenchanted. Brace yourselves, for the English Budgies are the storm on the horizon, and they’re here to shake the indie-alt world to its core.

Dropping like a musical bombshell on August 4th, 2023, ‘She Reporter’ is a raw, electrifying creation that traces its origins back to a gritty jam session between the enigmatic duo, Joe and Jen. However, just when the world was about to bear witness to their sonic revelation, drummer Sam Tucker entered the scene, demanding the single be reshaped with his thunderous beats. This audacious move injected newfound vitality, propelling the track into a realm of unapologetic edginess. The metamorphosis didn’t just elevate the song; it forged an unbreakable bond, solidifying the trio’s chemistry as they stormed into their groove with a relentless energy that reverberates through every note of ‘She Reporter.’

“On the 25th of May in 2023, the music landscape witnessed a seismic event with the release of ‘Had Enough.’ This latest opus from English Budgies is a testament to the enduring influence of legends like Pixies and Modest Mouse, yet it transcends mere emulation, marking a zenith in the band’s creative journey.

Matthew Minich, a virtuoso in his own right, weaves lead guitar lines that are nothing short of transcendent. His fretwork, like the steady hand of a seasoned artist, paints vivid aural landscapes that command our rapt attention. Meanwhile, Joe Vickrey’s vocal prowess carries an air of authority, delivering hooks that are as sharp as they are evocative.

In ‘Had Enough,’ English Budgies embark on a quest for evolution. It’s not an album content to dwell on past glories; instead, it surges forward with unwavering resolve. This is the hallmark of a band that has spent a lifetime in the crucible of musical creation, one that understands the importance of constant reinvention.

It’s not a simple collection of songs; it’s a profound statement. ‘Had Enough’ encapsulates the essence of a matured band, one that has traversed the ever-changing tides of the music industry. It’s an eloquent testament to their enduring artistry, inviting listeners to join them on a journey that transcends time and trends.”

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The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: What’s the story behind your latest album or single?

A: Jen and I (Joe) had this jam we recorded and one day we were just scrolling through old ideas (mostly for a laugh), and then we got excited about the main riff to what became She Reporter. We sat there playing it for ages trying to figure out a melody. Eventually I blurted out the line “if there’s something in your eyes” and I could see Jen give this nod of approval. We didn’t talk about it for a couple of days so I thought it was going to die again but then Jen came up to me and said, “okay I’ve got it.” And had the whole song written. It’s definitely a band favorite to play live!

Q: Are there any specific themes or messages you try to convey through your music?

A: Typically either Jen or I have an idea and we’ll bring it to the band to see if anything magic happens with all four of us. It might just be a riff or it may be something more put together, but we’ll gauge everyone’s excitement on the piece and goof on it for a few minutes each rehearsal until we have something that starts to resemble a song.

Q: Out of all of you, who’s the one to show up late to a practice or show?

A: People let you down.

Q: When and where is the next show(s)?

A: We’re playing this Friday at the Marmalade Jam Fest in SLC which will be fun!

Q: Your band finds a $100 bill on the ground, what do you do with it?

A: Junk food. Almost guaranteed. Maybe a pizza and a few drinks, but probably post-show dessert!

Q: How do you feel your music has evolved over the years?

A: In the first couple of years, English Budgies was very much just Jen and I stretching to do everything we could. Certain ideas got passed on because they were outside of our wheelhouse and things we’d just have to learn to make something work. Now we’re in a situation where we have a very competent drummer and lead guitarist which allows us all to sort of just focus on what we need to do individually. The songs are better because we can focus on writing more than producing and juggling.

Q: Out of all of you, who’s the one to show up late to a practice or show?

A: For home shows it’s quite the toss up! We all live in different cities, so it depends who has the furthest commute and who gets off work when. Whoever is first typically sends the group a text about parking and if the sound person has arrived yet though which I love. Haha.

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