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Hailing from Seattle’s underground, Tinsley is an indie pop provocateur. With rain-soaked lyrics and defiant melodies, her music echoes love’s battles and irreparable loss. From the shadows emerges Tinsley, an electrifying blend of vulnerability and edge, a heart on the brink.

In Seattle’s music jungle, where survival is for the fierce, Tinsley roared onto the scene. With a gutsy blend of emotion and rebellion, she carved a niche amidst authenticity’s reign. Her breakthrough wasn’t a whisper; it was a thunderclap, defying odds and owning the spotlight in a dog-eat-dog arena.

Introducing Tinsley, a rising star in the indie pop realm. Her music is a rebellious fusion of captivating melodies and gritty, unapologetic lyrics that hit like a punch to the gut. Her distinctively raw vocals exude attitude and confidence, drawing listeners into a world where vulnerability meets empowerment. One thing about Tinsley, she will wear her heart on her sleeve and make sure you see it.

Diving deep into her own experiences, Tinsley fearlessly explores themes of heartbreak, resilience, and the thrill of breaking free from conformity. The lyrics read like pages torn from a diary, giving an unfiltered glimpse into her journey. Backed by a dynamic blend of electric guitar riffs and pulsating synths, Her sound is an adrenaline-fueled cocktail that’s equal parts angsty and anthemic.

Production-wise, the music boasts a polished grittiness, embracing a DIY ethos while still delivering a professional punch. With influences ranging from alt-rock to synth-pop, Tinsleys’ music refuses to be confined to a single genre. As they carve out a unique space in the indie pop scene, She is set to electrify audiences with a rebellious sound that challenges norms and invites listeners to embrace their own unapologetic authenticity.

Seriously you’ve gotta check out more of Tinsley’s music! Get ready to vibe with her edgy melodies and take a ride on the wild side. Just hit up the links below.

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The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: Can you walk us through your songwriting process?

A: For this EP, I first came up with song ideas on my own and recorded them as voice notes. I usually start with very basic chords on my acoustic guitar and let the melodies and lyrics come. Then, I share the voice notes with the producers I work with (in this case Andrew Vait and Timothy Robert Graham) and they help me expand on and strengthen the song idea. We workshop the song together until we have a full song that we’re both excited about.

Q: Are there any specific themes or messages you try to convey through your music?

A: I always tend to write about love and romance, and that’s why I named the EP Love Songs. They are my favorite and most natural kind of songs to write.

Q: How do you feel your music has evolved over the years?

A: I first started out releasing more electronic dance/pop leaning music due to the producers who approached me, but my sound has evolved to a more organic, instrument led sound. The addition of having a full band while performing has made the switch even more fun.

Q: What has been the most rewarding experience as a musician so far?

A: I’d have to say playing the Neumos stage at Capitol Hill Block Party 2022. It was a dream come true!

Q: Do you have any pre-performance rituals or routines?

A: I listen to my set list on loop.

Q: How do you handle creative blocks or challenges in your music career?

A: By taking breaks when I need them and not forcing myself to always be working on music. Music is a sacred joy to me, so I stop doing it when it no longer feels that way.

Q: Are there any artists or bands that have had a significant influence on your music?

A: I grew up on 80s new wave music that my parents would play in the car, and Taylor Swift is the reason I taught myself to play guitar and started writing songs.

Q: What do you think sets you apart from other musicians in your genre?

A: I try not to compare myself to other artists, but I’d have to say my lived experience since every song I write comes from a very personal place.

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