Emerging from Seattle’s gritty underbelly, Walldrugs fuses electronic with edgy pop-rock, echoing the city’s streets. With haunting melodies and raw lyrics, they explore love, addiction, and urban longing, becoming a refuge for rebels. Fronted by a fearless vocalist, their electrifying performances and unapologetic stage presence capture the essence of late-night thrill-seekers. Walldrugs: where beauty thrives in chaos, and music dances to its own defiance.

“Blind,” a captivating track from Walldrugs’ EP, unleashes a vibrant fusion of retro pop and pulsating electronic elements. With an infectious and upbeat sound, the song ignites an energetic dance between nostalgia and modernity. Spirited and lively, “Blind” transports listeners to an era where neon lights shimmered alongside the birth of electronic music, all while maintaining an unmistakable contemporary edge. The seamless blending of these influences creates an auditory journey that invigorates the senses and beckons you to hit the dance floor, capturing the essence of unbridled joy and musical evolution.

Walldrugs’ audio recording captures their raw passion and authentic essence. Their DIY approach emphasizes an unfiltered sound that blends electronic pop and rock elements, creating an intimate atmosphere. This unpolished quality lets listeners connect intimately with the band’s unique artistic vision, offering a sincere and compelling musical experience.

The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: Art can be a powerful tool for social change. Is there a specific message you’re trying to convey through your work, and how do you hope it will impact viewers?

A: A lot of our songs deal with social anxiety in some form or fashion, be it the Seattle freeze or nervousness about talking to someone you have feelings for, and even the sense of fear in seeing an ex in public. I think the need to be accepted, be it by a romantic partner or a community is very evident in our songs, and any message would be that it’s okay to feel that need, it’s okay to be wanted and accepted by a community or another individual in spite of your perceived inability to do so.

Q: In a world saturated with music, what unique quality or perspective do you believe your music brings to the table?

A: Diversity and a desire to make people dance. We’re truly very different musicians from very different backgrounds both from a musical and regional standpoint. Our collective resume includes punk rock from SLC, Tacoma garage rock, touring shoegaze bands, a Cure cover band, a Dead Moon cover band, juke joints in rural Mississippi, an actual degree in music, and music that sounds like it came straight out of a Twin Peaks episode. Somehow we’ve come together as musicians and created this project that’s dancy as hell. We’ve always joked our main goal is just to make Seattle dance again.

Q: What’s the story behind your latest album or single?

A: Our latest single “Blind” actually came about after we were compared to The Sundays following a gig. After revisiting some of their stuff, we started jamming on this new song our singer Beatrix had written and subconsciously wrote a song that sonically is very similar to The Sundays. The title itself actually accidentally became a nod to the album also titled “Blind” by The Sundays.

Q: How was Walldrugs formed?

A: Our bass player Jacob frequented a coffee shop that our synth player Aaron worked at and they’d talk about music and that led to them jamming.

Q: When’s the next show?

A: 8/29 at the Sunset Tavern.

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