The Sleepy Haunts – “Peter Parker”

The Sleepy Haunts are an alternative indie pop/rock band. Offering “Bubble Grunge” influences from artists like Beabadoobee and Beach Bunny.; while drawing inspiration from artists of the 1990s like The Cranberries and Alanis Morissette. This group is based in Seattle, WA, The Sleepy Haunts makes music that celebrates comic book pop culture while exploring the insecurities and struggles of adolescence.

“Peter Parker” by The Sleepy Haunts is a fanfare as far as I am concerned. An instant ear worm. The nostalgia I received goes back to the summer of 2002. The pop punk music was at an all time high through out the movies and television. Hollywood still idolized those punk groups. The Sleepy Haunts are now reviving a new rendition of pop punk music with an influence based off of a classic superhero.

The tones from the band are perfectly matched. Sharply distorted guitars riff throughout the track. Bright high end notes lighten up the sound like lightening strikes through a thunderstorm. Vocally you can hear an explosion of angst as punk music demands.

I hear influence pour in and overflow with this group of artists. The Sleepy Haunts have sounds similar to Paramore, Tonight Alive, and even The Regrettes.

Energetic and catchy would be the best ways to describe this new track. “Peter Parker” has a blend of rawness which is stemmed from the punk rock tones and songs structure. Also aligned in tandem with a more melodic hook provided by the vocals and lyrical content that we can all relate to…A friendly neighborhood superhero.

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