Rad Max

Rad Max is a rad wave dance punk band from Portland, OR. They were voted most likely to play the training montage song in a straight-to-video b-movie. In between so-bad-it’s-rad movie nights, this band blasts out ridiculous songs about alien radios, convenience stores, and magical shutter shades.

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”

– Ted “Theodore” Logan

Rad Max is a band that is as down to earth as it comes. Just like the convenient store they frequent, the group has a rigid punk exterior and an inside filled with sweet treats and items to make your house a home. This four piece dance punk band offers music with glorified tones and riffs. Mastering the punk sound, and then displaying it before their audience via social media platforms through posts and videos. Rad Max also finished up a tour of the country where they were spreading their Rad Max seed throughout the land.

“So Convenient” has a pretty badass drum track on it. Not going to lie, it goes hard as hell for dance punk. With heavy high hat patterns wether if it’s an opened note accented or just the thunderous 32nd note beat. The drums are leading the way into the chorus. Which I need to express is a fanfare. Such an ear worm. I have literally been singing along all day. Somehow I ended up making time for a Slurpee break. Yes, I did stop by a convenient store and pick up a tiny 64oz blue raspberry Slurpee.

I mentioned glorified tones and riffs previously and the why is simple. The stringed instruments add that punk aspect. It’s dirty in the best way. The combination of instrumentation is classic. Every member owns their instrument. The vocals tracked were done so well. Lyrically the song is describing a walk through a mini mart. But the way the lyrics get sang out and portrayed is anything but mini. Loudly and proudly Rad Max stands out of the music scene with their latest smash hit “So Convenient”.

Go support, follow, and indulge in the finest dance punk music on this side of the Mississippi River. Rad Max social media links are labeled below. Enjoy their lyric video of “So Convenient”.

The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: When and Where’s the next show?

A: We’re taking a little time off to do some more recording for the next album, but we’re back playing live again on September 23 at The Firkin Tavern with Tragic Lovers and Radio Weekend (SEA).

Q: So far what’s been your favorite show? Why?

A: We just got back from tour and had an awesome time at the Golden Bull in Oakland. Great sound, great staff, and there are stairs at the back of the stage so you can make a rock star entrance.

Q: How does the group feel like so convenient was received?

A: We’ve had a lot of great feedback around it. It’s gotten a little radio play and we always have a fun time playing it at shows.

Q: What would you do if you found $100 at band practice?

A: We’d all get monogrammed, day-glo hip packs.

Q: Other than being so convenient, why are convenient stores better than grocery stores?

A: Where else can you get beef jerky, a tiny rose in glass, and a brain freeze at the same time? Plus, if you’re lucky, maybe some guy will be practicing his kung-fu moves in the candy aisle.

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