Owen Page

Making his work showcased has been a mission for this artist. Owen now out as a triple threat to our beloved music scene. He has started creating skits and short videos onto YouTube. Starting to become more than a director type, he started to transition into a musical creative. He mentioned becoming acquainted with GarageBand in March of 2021. After moments of learning this he picked up guitar to start the writing and recording process. This music project was the first of its kind; “Running Towards A Wall” was the debut project. And was created within a months time. I would say he is a qualified director, artist, and audio engineer/producer.

Now after a few Singles and EPs later, Owen makes his way through open mics and gigs showcasing and promoting the “Sophomore” album. I was able to find out more into the next steps for this creative. He stated; “I’ve got a few new projects coming out soon, mainly a sort of computer game I made for fun on a website called scratch and a directors cut of a short film I made almost 2 years ago. I’m currently working on a third album, which I’m hoping to record in a real studio but we’ll see what happens. I’ve only written a few songs since sophomore came out and I’m not sure what I’m gonna keep and what I’m gonna keep just for myself.”

Owen has sounds similar to artists Loving.the.Alien, BeatrixSky, and Computer at Sea. Uniquely bringing an album of his own experimental and indie sound. Like finding a tarnished piece of jewelry at the ocean floor. You didn’t know the existence because of the vastness of the ocean. Once the sheen was discovered from the jewel; The obsession will begin. The prized jewel we discovered here is Owen Page.

Seemingly his music is from outer space. Initially I had imagined take off from the perspective of the rocket itself. The cold steel of the jet compared to the steel of the guitar strings. Friction of the pick and strums of the hand of the player compare to the cold and sharp air the pressed against the spaceship itself. The song “Nobody Knows” off of the “Sophomore” album is an astronomical journey. Led solely by guitar and vocals that reverberate throughout the track. Literally by the time you think you left the atmosphere of the song an electronic beat kicks in acting as the thrusters of the engine. Such a strong finish to a well written song.

He adds in a personal touch through his project. The grunge sounds offered in Owens’ music is obvious. It definitely refreshing to hear an artist making music for the sole purpose of creating art. This record sounds as if it was created to and for Owen, not for the masses. However the music seems very well received by a large audience. Tri Cities music scene is beyond blessed to have a creative like him.

There is a song off this album that is titled “Christopher”. A very textured and full song. Created by one although sounding as a multi member band had put it on. With a crisp and yet twangy acoustic guitar framing the song. Adding a melodic and dejected vocals. All of it is stimulated by the lead track on the guitar. The song has great dynamics to it and as a listener you get drawn in and submerged into layers of instrumentation. Each track also has its own dynamics and purpose. His song “Christopher” earns a place on my favorites in my playlist for our local artist.

Owen has no plans on stopping what he has begun. His takeover is inevitable so at this point get use to his name and music. It will be finding you sooner than later. Click into he links below to get more from him.

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