Perfect Machine : Buried Blonde

My dear old friends have came back to Earth with momentum; And from another planet I might add. Buried Blonde is a group with an out of this world sound. What if they are aliens? Seriously, what if? They made it a legitimate question here with their latest release “Perfect Machine”. Check out the latest song now, which is out on all platforms now.

I was in for a ride myself; So buckle up so you don’t get hurt. The initial impact isn’t so bad, it is the spiraling and descending….Allow me to start at the beginning. So proper I know. Head bobbing music caused by an off beat strumming pattern and a high hat lift on the ANDs of the rhythm. (one AND two AND three AND four AND). I hope that makes sense for people who don’t know how to count. LOL. But on the serious side of the review. You hear the characterized classic rock and grunge sounds from Buried Blonde. A lot of true brightness from the guitars although still maintaining an distorted edge to it. The vocals are true to the band. Adding another texture of grit. The combination of it all is really a euphoric thing. And as soon as you are comfortable with it. YOU GET SLAPPED IN THE FACE!

Like a flip of the switch, and off to the races we go. Holy sh*t. The breakdown is like a motherboard that is actively frying. The anxiety caused is a side affect of the abrupt and radical change. The fuzziest and most distorted bass sound in the history of all bass sounds sends a jolt to your eardrums. Leaving disarraying connection in the brain. Comprehension is gone. Yes, the motherboard in my brain had fried. Like chicken or shrimp would be left. Crispy.

Go listen to “Perfect Machine” now!

The MusicManiac Finds Out!

Q : What kind of feedback have you received from this new track?

A : We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response. People really like the groove and the breakdown. We’re always widening the circle of people we send our press kits out to and have received a ton of requests for more music from new contacts, so we’re speeding up our plan of getting back in the studio for our first full length album.

Q : Have you ever performed this song live?

A : We’ve been performing this song live for almost a year. It’s the one song I (Lauren) don’t play guitar on and it’s been a fun journey figuring out what to do with my hands. We have played an acoustic version at our unplugged series and I play djembe.

Q : Was there any notable experience either in studio or while writing this song that is worth sharing?

A : This is the first song we’ve recorded with Aniela, our bass player and the first song we’ve recorded that was written by Nick (lead guitar). It’s also the first song we’ve recorded at Jesse’s (engineer/co-producer) new studio in Lake Steven’s and we had a very fun sleepover and Jesse drove us to breakfast in his sick van.

Q : When is the next show!?

A : We have two shows this month. On the 14th we have the third show in our Whidbey unplugged series and on the 24th, the Central has let us bring our unplugged line up to their stage.

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