Congratulations, I’m Angry

Zari Alexandria is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter based in the Seattle-Tacoma area in Washington State. After participating in her first performance at nine years old, Zari knew she wanted to pursue performing for the rest of her life. In middle school, Zari joined the choir and became more comfortable singing in front of other people. In high school, she joined musical theater and the chamber choir to develop her voice and performance skills. She started songwriting at fourteen, which further challenged her artistic abilities.

Zari considers herself a “pop” artist who isn’t afraid to engulf herself in other genres. She strives to expand her creativity and showcase versatility in her music. Her 2021 project, The Songbook Opens, demonstrates her goal by including music genres such as pop-rock, singer-songwriter, and alternative in the mix. The stand-alone single “Take Me Back to Seventeen” was her first jump into a dance-pop sound while including her storytelling roots.

And her newest release, Congratulations, I’m Angry, dives head-first into various sonics (dance, R&B, indie, etc.) and storytelling methods while showcasing growth and maturity in production, vocals, and lyrics.

Is or isn’t it” is my personal favorite off of this project as it brings me a glimpse of the 1990s. Taking me back to listening in to music on the old car radio. Wow before iPods…Sh*t. Do you remember the era before iPods?

Zari has melted genres together to make some wholesome music. You may think wholesomeness as suggesting good wellbeing. But lyrically the song is contemplating love. And how to prevent the worst that love can offer. I’m a huge sucker for heartbreak music so Zari you got me with this song. It’s saved in my Apple Music library and will be played often.

I believe there will be a beyond bright future ahead for Zari Alexandria. I’m certain her talent of songwriting will be taking her music career to great heights. Her voice will draw in new listeners; and catching attention of anyone with a pulse. I can even see other artists needing Zari to help with writing a song or my hopes is that she also has partnership in collaboration. I can see her music being sampled into other artists tracks. Although it is more familiar to modern Hip-Hop and Rap music I can see an abundance of opportunities for her music in this space as well.

It’s incredible to hear the variety in which Zari Alexandria is able to deliver her music. “[Gotta Get] Over You” you will obviously hear its homegrown Dance-Pop influences; with an underlying emotional aftertaste. The combination of this kick and snare beat screams out pop-punk. Definitely a song you can turn up to. The power of music is one I still can’t fathom. How Zari is able to just connect these little bits of different genres into one prized piece of art? This artwork we get to share with her. Tied tightly in a ribbon, perfectly wrapped. Thank you, this is a glorious gift.

Just wow, Congratulations, I’m Angry” is a smash. 20 minutes of journeying through 6 tracks; and all of this released on the November 4th. As I listen in a am reminiscing the last decade of music in the area. And the bands here can look at her work here as something to strive towards. A project that offers more than a genre. It is almost a collection or collage of sounds.

The MusicManiac Finds Out

  • Q: Describe your creative process when you write a new song?
  • A: My creative process always changes. Sometimes, I start with the melody. That could be on my ukulele, or me randomly producing an instrumental on my DAW. Other times, I have lyric ideas, and I think of a tune as I am writing the lyrics down. On rare occasions, I write all the lyrics without a melody in mind. Then i make the melody later while making adjustments to what I write for timing purposes.
  • Q:What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?
  • A: The storytelling aspect makes me feel the most passionate. It’s how I best express myself and my feelings. Using songwriting as an outlet is super helpful. It keeps me going. I also love connecting with other people through my music, especially in a relatability sense. I love hearing different interpretations people have with my lyrics, along with the emotions they feel, which makes me want to write more
  • Q: What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to ten years?
  • A: Accomplishments: More releases, more shows, and more listeners! More specific goals: I want to record music outside of my bedroom, in a real studio. I also want to work with more musicians- other songwriters, producers, etc. in person instead of doing almost everything by myself or virtually. I hope those happen in the next few years.
  • Q: What are your hobbies and interests outside of music?
  • A: I don’t have many hobbies/interests outside of music. I do love watching YouTube and hanging out with my friends. Everything else is related to music (going to concerts, performing in an a cappella group, etc.). I wanna try acting, and cook more when I have the time to do so. Y’all can hold me accountable for that!

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