“Growing Up” : Up in the Attic

You’re always going to be most welcome into this attic. They blew the dust off the old boxes, knocked off the cobwebs from the spiders, and swept up nicely for your arrival. It has never been so nice listening up here as we bring back the three piece group to the blog. Up in the Attic is back with another swift hit.

It is so refreshing to get another dose of Up in the Attic. This new single they have is full of brightness. The recording of “Growing Up” is produced very well. With a great balance of sounds, from the upfront ukulele and vocals to the underlying synth and backing vocals. I enjoy having to dial my ears in to point out the instruments. And I find ironically enough that as soon as you catch yourself tapping and singing along the song takes a wild twist. The brightness is engulfed with depressed chords and it feels as if storm clouds came in unannounced to stop the sun.

“Growing Up” had me reminiscing all my 30 years of life. I am smoking weed out of my bong and writing a new single review for this kick a$$ Tacoma band. My parents are probably rolling over in their graves but I guess this is growing up.

The lyrics are so descriptive and almost guiding. Speaking on what someone may have expected or hoped for out of life. And yet all of this wondering has us left us feeling stagnant. Maybe I am speaking on behalf of everyone when I should not. Nonetheless the storytelling lyrics paint a picture of what it may feel like. I hope you find this song as comforting as I have.

The MusicManiac Finds Out

Q: Did you write this song in the attic? If not, where?

A: I actually wrote “Growing Up” back at home in California on my bed in my senior year of high school. It was about the time in senior year where the year was coming to a close and I was feeling like the future was about to smack me in the face. And that suddenly I would be packing boxes of all my stuff.

Q: What was the writing process like with this new song “Growing Up”?

A: The process was really fun. I had never produced anything or used a DAW before. It was the first time I had written and recorded anything without any help. The song got put together in garage band of all places. But it was cool to add in the piano and bass line all by myself in my closet. Yes I put the whole thing together inside my closet with a blanket over the door. It was my makeshift recording studio.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received from this new track?

A: The feedback we’ve been getting is nothing I ever expected. People are coming up to me and saying how much they like specific parts of the song or the whole thing. It’s been really exciting.

Q: Have you ever performed this song live?

A: I have performed it live! We haven’t played it like full band yet but I’ve played it at a kombucha shop acoustically.

Q: Was there any notable experience either in studio or while writing that is worth sharing?

A: I think the only notable experience was just really feeling the feelings as I was writing the song.

Q: When is the next show!?

A: We’ve been kind of on a hiatus but are currently working up to a really big show for us that our school’s radio station puts on called KUPS Fest in December.

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