Gaby Despain

Gaby is an American-Icelandic singer/songwriter. She riddles modern pop with dreamy electric blues. Raised in
India and Turkey and she now calls Seattle home. DeSpain spent her previous years traveling Europe and Asia. This shaped her love of pop, music for the masses, a genre most likely to connect with others regardless of language or cultural barriers. While keeping an edgy and electric pop structure, DeSpain dives deep into her collection of haunting memories and wild experiences with introspective lyrics. A world weary poet, she takes difficult topics while dodging a lagging and dreary atmosphere. Lush, fluid, tongue-in-cheek, sensual, and nostalgic, Gaby aims to comfort and commiserate.

Gaby DeSpain yet again continues to shock the Seattle music scene with another hit single titled “I’m in love with my daydreams”. This composition has a taunting instrumental track as its backbone. Feeling the synthetic chords strum and a brash reverberation of sounds escaping the speakers. It all creeps and crawls to your body. The brightness of sound coming from the guitar and piano bring out a whole texture to the music. As Gaby sings into the masses.

You hear an extensive amount of melancholy. The soul from Gaby DeSpain is beyond her. It almost sounds as if she has had multiple times on this earth. She so clearly understands pain, grief, and sorrow. She parades it in her music, in her lyrics, and you can even hear it in her breath. The idea of optimism isn’t out of question with DeSpain either. Some heart felt lyrics mention running fingers over scars. And even with being molded is still able to be in love with her daydreams. Her message is resiliency and strength. I hear the discomfort and do no know her causes of it. But I also hear the self love. I hear an example of moving forward and healing. With music like hers, it will be understood by anyone and everyone. All walks of life will be able to connect to that one feeling. Whichever it may be. The heartache. Or the betrayal. The joy or the contentment. It just might be a simple want of something more. As a listener I am drawn into the bigger picture. Listen and see what’s inside the frame.

If you are into ambient pop music click into the video above. “Flash Flood” is a combination of both mentioned genres. Gaby is a connoisseur of her craft. The waves she has produced with this single alone is considered tidal. On October 28th of 2021 this song was released to the fans of DeSpain. She has gained well over 11,000 views from the world within the first year. She has a charisma about how she portrayed her song. Showcasing the out of this world scenery is part of the artistic frame.

Questions and Answers With Gaby DeSpain

  • If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
  • Kimbra. She’s so talented and inventive.
  • What is one message you would give to your fans?
  • I can’t believe you exist!
  • What is the most useless talent you have?
  • Twisting my hand around 360 degrees and contracting Covid. Not sure which one is more useless.
  • What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?
  • I’d still be in the arts/entertainment industry. Fashion or film
  • What’s next for you? Personally or professionally?
  • In October I’m releasing another song and apartment hunting in LA!


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