Wildcat Click

Jbswoopa & Goose. Friends since elementary school in Lake Stevens. Their 5th studio record was created in Lake Stevens, Wa. On August 26th of 2022 Wildcat Click released their highly anticipated project. “Get Apps” is a six track project that slaps the sub out of the subwoofer. Wildcat Click is a hip-hop / rap group that has performed The Fisherman’s Village Music Festival in Everett,Wa a couple times and have drawn in new listeners and fans ever since.

“Off-Key” is a perfect song. It’s kind of an Alternative / Hip-Hop song that puts out a West Coast beat and vibe. The intention of “Wildcat Click” comes from their inspiration of the bay area and funk music put out through their music scene. Hearing sounds like the artists Rappin 4 tay and RBL posse.

“Monopoly Money” flexes their egos. Money counting, graphic tees, adidas, and a winning mentality. I mean, the beat on it is balanced. The low end on it quakes. The rumbling bass in the car pushed through my chest. The high end…Well I was high as hell the first time listening to it so it was a good experience. Try it.

You’ve probably heard other rappers say that they started from the bottom. Wildcat started at the top, and it’s all down hill from here.

Wildcat Click

They are found all over the internet. All platforms. Look them up and listen. You hear a bunch of great lines and phrases. Very funky and eclectic dudes putting out music since 2018. There will be a copious amounts or nut busts and sexual references, but hey it’s all included with the use of drugs. I condone it 100%. It’s a lifestyle.

“Time Well Wasted” is a self titled track off their 2018 record and it includes all of the above mentioned topics. The skill sets from them in their earlier stages of song writing is superb. The beat owns a popular upbeat flow, and Goose comes off the rip with confidence and long phrases. Jbswoopa can compliment from the opposition. He flows choppy and melodically. The duo tears apart from the modern fad on emotional hip hop music.

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