I Thank You

I must say I had high expectations on what I would find here in Seattle. Literally the f%#+ing city of Jimmy Hendrix, Quincy Jones, Nirvana, The Presidents of the United States of America, Mudhoney, and do I really need to continue. You get the point, there is a massive amount of talent out here.

I have had artists submit their music and wildly I find gems. Legends in the making, with songs yet appreciated by the masses. Here is now my mission. Plug the “Scene”. Bands and artist alike become limited on how they may be able to release their music; and I have now found my platform here to be highly effective based off of how the music scene in connected.

I now have been receiving love through musicmaniacs sharing my site and the subscriptions on my blog. My views have increased to over 100+ views and so within two months we have started up a network of artists and a localized publication. We f%#ing did it. I have seen artists sharing other music and collaborations with show bills; Seattles’ music scene is literally founded from the love of music. You continue putting out great music. I’ll keep putting my best words and thoughts on it to draw in new listers.

I am very thankful for every viewer to come across my blog site. I am beyond grateful to have had a chance to listen to new bands. The music has helped me a lot to get through my personal life. So for the artist who have submitted music and kept me busy writing; this is a heartfelt admiration. I thank you.


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Everett, Washington 98206
United States of America

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