Pure Halcyon “Short Story Long”

The summer just got so much hotter with Pure Halcyon in my life. Their EP “Short Story Long” is a 5 track banger. The group has a sound that is alternative rock music mixed with a metal influence. Pure Halcyon is based out of a beautiful college town, Bellingham,Wa. The five member group has been bringing heat for the past year now. With a fierce EP, always playing out live, and best yet; their audience continues to grow exponentially.

“Our music is here for anyone. If you just wanna rock out or get in your feels; we’ve got you covered.”

Pure Halcyon

I’ll start off with saying this is my favorite tune off their 2021 EP. “Lie to Me” is a mesh of an alternative Pop-Punk & Metal genres. The vocals carry on as if it was a modern fanfare of our times. The song starts with a rumbling bass which is always a good sign.

The crunching sounding guitar sits in the background and pricks like needles in your cranium. The sharpness of it is surgically placed after a fermata. The energy from this song from the recording can easily transfer to their live sets. Their music is magnetic. You are going to be drawn in.

Excuse me. I just finished up a crazy 24 hour bender. It wasn’t drugs or a booze bender. Don’t you even dare think that. I’m talking about “Don’t You Dare”. Pure Halcyon put together a euphoric song and literally shared it with the whole entire world. “Don’t You Dare” showcases every instrument with a solo. It is always super cool as a listener to be able to hear so much influence; This is a local band in the Seattle music scene that has sounds similar to artist known and revered all over the world. The bass solos sounded like Les Claypool of Primus was all over the track, but nope that’s Pure Halcyon. The soloing guitar is Slash sounding. Which I hadn’t heard in a while. And don’t forget that drummer in the back, he is also slapping the drums as Ginger Baker would from Cream; but it wasn’t. It was all Pure Halcyon. The talent here in the band is very overwhelming and will consume the entire music scene one show and one listener at a time.

Do not miss out on their upcoming shows!

  • 8/27 The Shakedown
  • 9/17 Makeshift
  • 10/21 The Blueroom

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