Kibbonafide – A dual threat –

Kibbonafide has got to be one of the most interesting artists to come through my submissions so far. He is a multi threat performer and actor. Currently based out of Burien, Wa and has been well traveled; and through many projects has found himself sturdy roots here in the Pacific North West.

Being in the scene of the Seattle area since 2006, He has been deep in music and writing for over two decades. Joshua aka Kibbonafide is very strategic and moves with intent through his releases and projects. Never in a rush and always well thought out.

In a track titled “It Don’t Change”, you hear the word play and stanza phrasing like in early Eminem albums. Truly effective in the way he is painting a picture with his words to tell a story. A story of how a society we live in may never change. Love the lyrics said here in the song; “I think it’s important to to say , there’s no shame in suffering invisible pain”. Kibbonafide really touches on some deep subjects; there really is no better way to express one’s self other through art.

There is also a lot of talk of racial injustice within America and has punk like ideas of wronged government in this artists’ lyrics. The message is clear for what he stands for. The power to equality and all people. He brings up points and topics of awareness of issues within society. Very cool to see him represent.

His writing style comes off as west coast hip hop. It could be a combination of his beats used behind his words. The bright sounds of piano loop behind Kibbonafides’ erratic word flow is some hype music for sure. His music should be played with window down while cruising Interstate 5. In his set you will see hands up swaying left to right like a metronome.

There are a various rhythms and tones he uses throughout all his music. Not one track sounds alike which is something I can really appreciate. Kibbonafide is great at adding his touch to the track but it’s impressive to hear the variety. Some phrases in verses have an almost theatrical influence which makes a bunch of sense because our fellow local here is a dual threat.

He has also been a stage actor since he was a child and continues to do that regularly. A regular member of comedy troupe Midnight Mystery Players and has two films in post-production as a screen actor. Joshua is represented for film, television and print by ZT Talent in Seattle, WA. And this dude is the emcee for the Evergreen State Fair in Snohomish County.

“I just want to make sure everyone knows that there’s more than one way to lean a successful and fulfilling life. If you’re good with your way, then great but if none of the examples in front of you seem like a workable template then keep looking or it means you need to branch out and create it yourself. Also, you’re not alone.”

Joshua Kibbey A.k.a Kibbonafide

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