Fourth Relief EP – DonnaParty

DonnaParty is a two piece that survived the coldest winter. The band originally started out as a 100 piece band as they toured over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Through the cold nights the band needed to ration their food and resources. Marianne and Dylan were the last two surviving. They mentioned they did what they had to do on the mountain to stay alive. Which was to eat the weak to stay alive.

The duo reside in Seattle Wa. They seem to just randomly announce gigs and drop music in a spontaneous and non traditional way. You will literally hear a range from indie alternative sounds all the way to a hellish punk sounds with this band. Marianne has been writing music and performing in bands for over the last decade. Her song writing has been the biggest part of the bands success and releases thus far. Her favorite music artist ps are Lou Reed, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie among other sacred artists. She will probably fight you over it. Dylan has performed in many bands and performed in many states. He really likes JuiceWrld and would fight you over that.

DonnaParty is safely a pop punk band with grunge tendencies. Their songs and structures seem to be fitting for a punk band. However leave it up to these two to bring an elevated version of pop, punk, and grunge genres. There are two released songs I can write about however; they mailed in a dvd of their live set! So I know all their set rocks. Let’s look at some of the fan favorites.

The first song I want to share is titled “Runaway”, This song was their first release, was featured on KEXP, and is even a favorite with other local artists. One artist in the area even took “Runaway” and made it into an EDM remix. See below, very interesting to hear EDM meshed with DonnaPartys’ Blink-182 era sound.

“Runaway” was released on their Bandcamp and YouTube channel as a single. This song really showcases solid songwriting and instruments that envoys raw emotion.The voice of Marianne is angelic with a pinch of angst. You can hear in the way she sings her words come from a place of truth, laced with a bit of sadness and a bit of romance. An audible chip on the shoulder really. “Runaway” is a love song on the premise of either WE will runaway together or I will. Tons of influence also brought into this song from Dylan. The drums literally have their own composition; starting from rim clicks it allows the room for growth and I can hear how the dynamics build with the drums control. Also please, please, please give this Kaniver remixed version a listen.

Man V. Car (Official Music Video)

“The Comedown” is another fantastic release. This song is about searching for what you can’t find. Inner peace. The lyrics share a story of how it feels to live in life now a days. You hear melancholy cut through Marianne’s vocals; and the marching snare sounds bring a cadence to the track. And when you find the song calming, just when you do the distortion pedals get stomped and you take off like a rocket. “The Comedown” is a second track to a two part song. The band says it will always play “Heroine Doers Anthem” and then the “The Comedown”. It’s fitting right?

Grab your forks and knives, because DonnaParty will be serving up its listeners a buffet of sounds to devour before years end. Check them out via YouTube and their “Fourth Relief” EP on bandcamp.

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