“Page Me” by Checker Bloom

From the most northern part of our beloved music scene houses this local band; Checker Bloom. These dudes are some classic rockers bringing some nostalgic sounds back into mainstream ears.

This four piece garage rock band is going to sweep their city with this new banger of a single. The group has taken over city of Bellingham show by show since around December of 2021. Checker Bloom’s music invites all who are grappling with the phases of change; the existentialism of realizing you’re stuck, the excitement and fear of a change in progress, and existence in change’s full bloom, or whatever it may be. They have been also getting regular radio play as well, the proof is in the pudding.

“Page Me” is officially out now. I had a chance to listen early. They leaked to me their newest single. The song has their classic indie rock tendencies and sound; however with a surfer rock twist. I almost get a trance like vibe as this songs really comes in and out of its progressions. All to an abrupt halt. Leaving me as a listener caught hanging on to that empty space right before the bands kicks it right back into gear. This single is a debut release and I would expect a lot more great thing on the way.

Vocally I am reminded of a rock band from a big band stand in the late 50s. The words sang can serenade the listeners ears and the strings and rhythm section abuse it. The guitar notes in the background flutter like feathers. And the tones used bring out the rock sounds we love.

Come out and celebrate Checker Bloom at their show tonight Friday July 15th, it’s at the legendary Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, Wa with their friends CLAN and Sweet N’ Juicy.

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