Buried Blonde “What Now” Review

Album Art – Buried Blonde – “What Now” EP

Buried Blonde is native to the Pacific Northwest and had been working on this project since pre pandemic. Working through Covid restrictions to place, and placing together a rhythm section. Now they are off to the races. Shows and music releases have been the diet for this Blonde as of lately. Lauren mentioned she started writing songs off the project even as early as 2016. She knew she wanted to build a band around the sounds she had created.

This project is a product of Seattleites. Recorded by your favorite engineers, Jesse Field AKA “LateTakes” and Dylan Foster at the legendary Robert Lang Studio.

“What Now” is smothered with soul and angst. I hear a lot of influence from bands like REM and the artist Mazzy Star.

In the song “Supply & Demand”, it showcases the ballad rock, and yet grunge alternative nature of their song writing. Very light guitar sounds cascade through the whole song leading into a very bluesy solos.

The vocals by Lauren F. are laced into the song to perfection. Tone and mood. These aspects of her voice are what had me listening over and over. Also she has these angelic echos that crescendo into the forefront of her songs on “What Now”.

Another very notable track within their debut EP is Cut the Cord. This song starts off with the vibes of classic rock that your mommy and daddy probably banged to. This 90s sounding group takes it even as far back as sounds from the 70s. I’m am most certain they will be capturing a wide range of listeners.

From the band!!!!

A fun gig memory was our first show on Whidbey island, where 3 of us live. We played at the Machine Shop, the local arcade. The EP wasn’t even out yet but we’d been playing around Seattle once a month to get our feet wet. The Machine Shop was packed full with our friends from all of our different worlds and then some. I had fired our drummer Jeff the week before for not taking things seriously and this was going to be his last show. But he blew the roof off the place. He’d spent the entire week getting it together and brought his A game and it all came together on stage. He was hired right back on the spot. That show was a blast.

“Message to the people! – creativity is our superpower. Right now it’s more important than ever to create, no matter the medium. Tune out all distractions and tap into that source.”

Buried blonde

Click into their smash hit “What Now” official music video.

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