Bad with Birds – Self Titled EP Review

From the emerald city is where the group Bad With Birds has its nesting place. The band has sounds that check boxes from blues metal to grunge rock. Also, this four piece group released the “Bad With Birds” Self Titled EP in August 2021 and had been taking the scene over a show at a time.

Bad With Birds / Self Titled EP / Art by Robert Freitas

In the “Bad With Birds” EP you will want to be fair warned. Head banging is inevitable and it will feel amazing. The song “Inhabited” has the most chunky and chugging guitar riffs throughout the verses; and when that subsides you get smacked in the face by a psychedelic grunge breakdown. The way this song is recorded is stellar. You can literally hear the sticks slicing through air to hit the drums. It’s amazing.

This four piece simply shreds. Peppered throughout the whole project you find an abundance of guitar solos and fierce licks. One of my favorite instruments in this project would be the vocals. The vocals roar on top of the already erupted sounds from the rest of the band. A 7 track EP that packs the hit of a full length. Fully matured blues influenced music. With a grit of grunge. I can see why the city loves this group, This Seattle based group has a ton of energy in this most recent release.

In the song, “The Ballad for Bobi” you hear influences from bands like Alice In Chains or even Primus. I like the bluesy funk bass lines and it’s heavy ass rhythms and breakdowns. This would be the song of all songs to mosh to that’s for certain.

The EP we have here is on the 11/10 on the “Richter Scale”. Definitely a must listen to and add to your playlist. July 14th they will be taking the High Dive stage in Seattle, Wa with bands Yeti Set Go and Tennis Pro. See you at the show.

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