The Bat is out of the Box

Since 2017 the band BatBox has been creating its way into the Seattle and Tacoma music scene. They have been known as “your mothers favorite band” and offer music that speaks upon everything from politics, relationships , to taking your own stand as a person. BatBox has its first studio record titled “Punching In” (2021). So we will be officially punching in on an album review, and I will talk about the must listen to tracks off their debut record.

“Punching In” brings you the mastered alt-rock and punk sounds. Listening to the track, “Holy Water” it brings the the alt-rock and jazz instruments but with vocal line that is about as punk as it gets. Also the guitar solo at about 3:50 seconds in is fantastically placed.

Lyrics like “fuck you said the preacher, fuck you said the priest, fuck you said the lady with the alligator purse”

The band has sounds like Arctic Monkeys, Goldfinger, or even a Panic! at the Disco (that was more punk then synth). I hope that makes sense.

“Punching In” was recorded flawlessly. The recording quality is impressive and brings each song to life. I love this record because you will hear a jazzy trumpet solo followed by punk breakdown. Marching snare cadences turned to the loose high hat rock breakdown. The album has range. From the structures of the songs, each one is unique. To the variety of genre put in; It’s hard to label and pin this bat to a specific box.

In the song “If I Could Stand”, you hear bouncing between sweet ballad rock to a more super progressive rock. My head shook aggressively side to side. My hair followed. I like how the song seems to be about a past relationship, that’s how I could relate. The fanfare vocals speak to holding your own and being your own man. The instruments take you for a ride as you hold onto every note until it’s last. From the progressive guitar strums, to the single plucked and fading out notes at the end.

Go to all platforms and get punched in. This is an album that to me brings the nostalgic 2000’s alt-rock and punk we all love.

BatBox will be playing next Saturday, July 9 at the High Dive in Seattle,Wa. They take the stage with Mr. Dinkles, Terra Nobody, and Stage Antics!

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