I found them!

I did! I swear, they are right here. Yeah just a bit to the left. No, your other left. Yes! Right there. This is the band Yeti Set Go. And here is “Where The Cool Kids Are” EP.

Yeti Set Go is from the greatest music city in the world; the cloudy and overcast city of Seattle. This trio has been making a ton of big waves that its listeners have been coasting on since April of 2022. Off the most recent release, “Where The Cool Kids Are”, the group offers a surf-rock and psychedelic sound. I swear, there is a bit of pop-punk as well, but I digress. Throughout the EP, you will find glittering and light-toned guitar. The pedals used are topnotch, also providing a ton of dynamic to the music. This band is a must listen to, if you haven’t already.

I normally don’t pick any favorite song off an EP. I believe all songs are great and some hit different than others. However, with that said, I will say my favorite song off of the “Where The Cool Kids Are” EP would definitely be “Favorite”. It has some beautiful lyrics that will probably be stuck in my head for eternity.

When Celeste Flock sings, “I saw you roll your eyes at me, it’s time for me to spill the tea, Regina George only got so far. I do my work cuz’ I’m no snitch. Even when you act like a total bitch.” I started progressing the volume to a louder level. Which I am glad to do so because that’s when the song starts going from surfy to psychedelic. I almost thought I was listening to a San Francisco psychedelic band from the 1960s. Extensive sounds from Paul Abner (drums) and Tom Sloan (bass), really almost combat the surfing rock, in a great way. The trio here made a smash hit for sure.

Another notable mention is the track “Nancy’s Gonna Steal Your Man”, this song has wailing bass lines and it builds into such a progressive composition. Listen for the whisper at the end.

Yeti Set Go is stacked up with shows the next few months. You can find the next one Thursday, July 14th at The High Dive in Seattle, WA. I hope to see all of you Music Maniacs there!

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