First Reaction.

I just had to scrape my jaw off the ground, pardon myself as I put myself back together. Hadn’t heard anything with sounds like this since early Zeppelin or something out of the classic rock era. I want to say it’s the way it was recorded. You hear the breath, and fuzz, suspension of the notes. All light and bright as if it was recorded on 3 inch analog tape, and shit, maybe it was.

I was tossed an EP from Arthur Starr my new boss at Queen Pacific, this packaged disc landed on my lap track list up and I was told I would be a “track three kind of guy”.

“Heart Of Stone”. That is what was titled as track three. Kind of a badass name I thought to myself. And slowly I cranked the volume up. The song itself starts with a couple bangs. Within moments I caught myself bobbing my head as it really has a natural blues rock element to. After nearly a minute into the song the echos of Jo Krassin vocals come to fruition. Now the song was in full gear, or that’s what I thought. Multiple grooves and verses carry you, like most songs I know. However three and a half minutes in the song took off like a rocket ship. Dylan Miller loosens the high hat and takes the level up with the matching intensity of the squealing Wah Wah pedal. And just like that the panic of the song subsides to an eclectic psychedelic outro.

I would say being this was the first ever Johnny Hoffman and the Residents song I have a privilege to listen to. The song hit. Multiple times I caught myself thinking of Zeppelin or Floyd. And thinking how cool to hear a band do it themselves. Truly refreshing to see how music from our current and past can influence a group or artist.

I can’t be certain which song Queen Pacific will want to release on July 1st. But I will be certain to say after listening to all of the EP it will not disappoint.

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